Cupcakes for ALL occasions:

  • Cupcake Tables
  • Cupcake Cones
  • Corporate Event Cupcakes
  • Wedding Cupcakes – click here
  • Cupcake Towers
  • Cupcake Trays
Cupcake Prices
Cupcake Gift Box – 24 cupcakes$45.60
Regular Cupcakes$1.90/each
Mini Cupcakes$1.10/each
Premium Cupcakes – see flavors/prices here
Swirl Cupcake with Filling$2.50/each
Cupcake Cones – order of 20 pinned down on a cake bottom $90.00
Favor Boxes$1-$1.50/each
Cupcake Tower Rental – depending on size$30 to $50
Disposable 3 tier cupcake stand – holds 30 cupcakes$16
Disposable 3 tier cupcake stand – holds 40 cupcakes$35
Disposable 5 tier cupcake stand – holds 150 to 300 cupcakes$95

Pick a Sponge Flavor & Frosting and if you want pick a filling and add some toppings!

Cupcakes in ALL colors and flavors!

Sponge FlavorsFrosting & Filling
ChocolateMilk ChocolateCinnamon buttercream*
VanillaRoyal CreamOld-fashioned sugar frosting*
Red VelvetWhite FrostingStrawberry buttercream*
Yellow CakeVanilla Creme Frostingvanilla buttercream
OrangeCream Cheese Frosting*chocolate buttercream
StrawberryStrawberry Creme Frostinglemon buttercream
PineappleColored Icing – any color! mint buttercream frosting*
CarrotPeachkey Lime Pie Frosting*
RaspberryCherrybrown sugar buttercream
LemonRaspberry buttercream*white chocolate cream cheese*
CherryMango buttercream *Maple buttercream*
AppleCookies & Cream buttercreamMocha buttercream*
CaramelMocha buttercream*Oreo Cookie Buttercream*
Extra Toppings
Cookie CrumbsSour Candies
SprinklesRolo Chocolates
Choc. ShavingsHershey Kisses & Hugs
Fruit ToppingsPolka Dots
Gummy BearsBirthday Candles
Chocolate ShavingsAnd More
Chocolate Chips

Cupcakes in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Toronto, Milton, Hamilton, and the entire Greater Toronto area!