Price List & Services

Please email us for quotes on large orders and orders for special events.

Specify type of desserts required and number of guests.

Gourmet Deep Dish Fruit Pies10” diameter – serves 8 to 10$22
Dulce de Leche Roll13” long – serves 12 to 15$30
Chocolate Roll13” long – serves 12 to 15$33
Fruit Mousses12” x 10” – serves 16 to 20$27
Chocolate Brownies25 pieces$35
Crème Caramel10.5” round – serves 16 to 18$35
Dulce de Leche Cinnamon Cake13” x 9” – serves 20$35
Triple Milky Way Cake (Torta Tres Leches)16” x 10” – serves 15 to 20$45
Dulce de Leche Pineapple Cake10.5” round – serves 16 to 18$35

If you are looking for a dessert table for a wedding or event download our menu here.

What is Dulce de Leche?

You will notice we use a lot of “Dulce de Leche”  in a lot of our cakes and desserts.

Many ask what it is. The simple answer is, that it is the BEST thing you have ever tasted. It is a caramelized milk sauce used as a filling and a frosting.  It is extremely popular in South American countries and used in cakes and desserts.

Do not be afraid to order it, you will NOT regret it!